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FatherhoodFirst.org, the Web site with resources to empower fathers, is here to partner with your organization. We aim to help you and your staff reach out to fathers and children with easy-to-use materials and other invaluable resources. Fathers and children in our rural and urban programs, continue to benefit from these downloadable materials.

Join now to become a member of FatherhoodFirst.org and gain unlimited access to downloadable (PDF) resources and materials designed to help build successful fatherhood programs and educate fathers about the role dads play in the lives of their children.

Unlike other curriculum-based materials that sit on your shelf and become outdated, FatherhoodFirst.org is committed to developing and providing new material to its members. This ensures members are never without the fresh and cutting-edge materials and resources they need to provide quality programming for fathers and children. Activities, meetings and training resources are updated quarterly. FREE SAMPLES – click here to download.

The hands-on, age-appropriate, educational materials for fathers and children found at FatherhoodFirst.org include:

  • Father Child Group Activities These step-by-step activities ensure you and your staff successfully administer group activities for fathers/father figures and children.
  • Male Involvement Meetings These meetings teach fathers/father figures how to improve their parenting skills. Fathers’ self-esteem as well as their overall mental and physical well-being are enhanced.
  • Father Child Development Activities
    These father-friendly, hands-on, educational and age-appropriate activities promote the bond between a father and his child as well as the child’s fine and gross motor development, language, early literacy and other development skills.
  • Staff Training Our training sessions help staff develop and hone skills critical to working effectively with fathers.
  • Monthly Newsletter Get tips and information for fathers and staff.
  • Multimedia Instructional and educational videos inform staff, mothers and fathers about the importance of fathers in early childhood education.
  • Fatherhood Links These links appear courtesy of friends of FatherhoodFirst.org. All sites are reviewed for any inappropriate material prior to being added to the list.

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A Prenatal to Five Head Start Male Involvement Coordinator, with guidance and technical assistance from a Prenatal to Five Head Start Education and Disabilities Coordinator and Registered Nurse, developed FatherhoodFirst.org to help service agencies and early childhood educators – including Head Start and Early Head Start – develop or enhance existing Responsible Fatherhood programs and integrate services specifically tailored to fathers.

The Father/Male Involvement Project, a program of Youth & Family Services Prenatal to Five Head Start in Rapid City, S.D., has successfully field-tested and administered the materials and resources available on FatherhoodFirst.org. The materials and resources were developed to not only help fathers foster their children’s learning, but to also promote social, emotional and physical development.

Join now and be a part of the positive transformation of fathers worldwide!.

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